Selling Dreams=Art

A lot of what I observe in life has to do with what I call “motivational theory”. Whatever the end result, something urged you to begin, motivated you to undertake a goal, and kept the project going in progress. Whatever bade you take up your pen or paint, it seems rarely related to the end result.

Mill Lake 003

I am usually in awe of what motivated me to do this or that, be it a real reason or imagined, because the end result is more than I could have dreamed. of course, we all have dreams and goals, and not all are meant to be accomplished. But when we are open to what I call the “collective unconscious” or the universal mind, that creates projects with artists in mind, we realize far greater dreams that we would on our own. We are somehow chosen to create this work or that. We have trained, we have rehearsed, we have honed our skill, and it is our moment to do what we were born to do.

If we accomplish in life what we were born for, we find acceptance from people and from God. Ideally, we want to receive positive reviews. We may be like Handel though, whose oratorio work “Messiah” was rejected at first. They even threw garbage at him at the opening.

Art must somehow begin with dreams, not of success, of fame, but of translation: “you are a translation of my ivory heart” I wrote once. We attempt to communicate, and when we realize that words just don’t do it justice, we may turn to catharsis, and to art forms to express the unspeakable. We do need to communicate, but we may do so in dreams, and in the invisible.

Trauma in people groups has almost needed film, story, poetry and art to witness its crime against humanity and its legacy. The need for story to convey what is important in family lines also prevails as the storyteller, the one who enthralls their family with “the gift” of story. They may be passing down the perspective of being  overcomers, not defeated, but victorious. No one likes to be the underdog. We are competitive in society, we like to be winners.

There is a sense that in a good movie, good will win out. The obstacles we face in life, that we need to overcome to win, can also be represented by evil. There is so much bureaucracy these days, so many administrative and financial hurtles to do anything that we might as well be racehorses in the field of writing, and usually wish the opportunities would come our way without so many obstacles.

Keep writing my friends, keep working with the goal in sight. We are pilgrims. There is an end.