The Imperfectionists

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The new term for anti-vaxxers had to come out eventually, and here it is folks. I can already tell this is not a popular idea, but neither is sterilizing the planet (perfectionism). More and more prophetic types and organizations are stepping up to give their soliloquy. I am having déjà vu on “If you build it, they will come.” The ball field of prophetic worldwide is hosting some major league baseball players, and it would be good, if you profess the same religion to check it out. It turns out we don’t all think the same thing. There are varying views. But from a non-Christian perspective, who is reacting to the vaccination mandate? Fundamentalists in favour of religion? Hard core democratic proponents (this would equate to people against totalitarianism)? Vaccination sounds like an agenda and that makes people suspicious. If they’ve been had, why? What is so great or terrible about just going along with the crowd?

If democracy is legitimate, there will always be opposing parties to use rhetoric to debate and decide a resolution. There is a majority vote, displaying the preferences of the majority of the country. If the democracy of a country is dissolved, we next have a police state where the government can virtually use any measure to enforce their dictates. What we have been looking at as Covid unravels is a definite move toward force or police enforcement of every political whim, authority figures like doctors becoming dominant, and the people being used like pawns to mandate the law to each other. Eventually they may tell on each other, have each other given over to the state, to cite punitive measures. That would be nothing short of Nazi Germany if people sold out their friends and neighbours.

Where have we come from? We came out of communism (I would say as a Mennonite): we suffered for what we believed. It is our mandate not to let what happened to our grandparents happen again. They escaped, they fought in the ward, they immigrated etc. Yet, in the history of the earth and its varying periods, this is how social change was brought about. Suffering. Not a very popular concept. If you are not suffering right now, you probably know people who are. The idea that a vaccination is Saviour, that it will end our suffering if we all comply is the lie.

A vaccine will not end our suffering, in fact, we will know torment: it will intensify it. And that is the sad thing: we think we can escape the confines and restrictions of earth with a vaccine. There is no way out except through death. To be honest, no one wants to die, and 4.4 million people already have. But there is no one who will make it out of planet earth alive. When you were born to this earth you basically made an agreement that you would one day die. What you have to do before then is up to you.


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