The Code of Medicine

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What is medicine? Medicine in its essence is the art of using a microscope. It is essentially to see what is unseen to the human eye. As such it has evolved from spiritual and perceptual insight into the cause of illness to the ability through science to literally see the unseeable. When we can see through a lens the cause of illness we are able to bring healing. We can ascertain the next steps. We then give the patient instruction to follow to become well.

The word MEDICI in our context comes from the word MEDICINE. It would be difficult to convince someone in Europe of how it is pronounced, as they would pronounce it in the Italian way, as in the town of Medici. In North America, we have a different pronunciation, and it is a derivative of a word. It is used in the international mental health code: CODE MEDICI. They have even made entire TV series on this word. Originally Galileo came from the town of Medici.

Because Galileo was severely persecuted and thrown in prison by the Roman Catholic Church for having different thoughts and beliefs than other people, and the church itself believed the sun revolved around the earth at the time, and that the earth is central to all creation. From science we now know that Galileo was right, and science has a way of proving a lot of people right who thought differently. The earth does revolve around the sun, as do all the planets. This is interesting because the sun is referred to as masculine in symbolism, and in gender. The moon is referred to as feminine. The French categorizations of all nouns as masculine and feminine also concur with mythology.

In conclusion, we now know that we should not persecute or diagnose people who think differently than we do, for they may be great artists, scientists or philosophers, proven by time not discoveries on them, or ulterior evidence.


I originally founded CODE MEDICI in the USA as an international non-profit, on Canada Day 2009. It was dissolved five years later for lack of funding, and an even sadder lack of dedicated board members. I was literally talking to myself at my empty board meetings, eating the Peek Freans and drinking Earl Grey. (The real Earl Grey was invisible but he was interested at the time.) That should never happen to a anyone, but it is an idea whose time has come if we see through the fog because of a lighthouse in a pandemic. (The lighthouse was our official symbol by the way).

I have a lot of sympathy for people who run non-profits, but not until the tears are literally running out of my eyes. There is a puddle on the floor at this moment. I am drinking tears for food at my unpopularity.

I have founded a face book page by this name that people can like.

I chose this code to refer to the large variance of occurrences that people could engage in that might not be illegal, they might be the result of a mental health condition. Thus we have colour-coded all these incidents, or accidents, and labelled and categorized them under the International Mental Health Code.

I will next be doing a Fellowship in Psychiatry, to be overseen by a psychiatrist as I work with five mental health patients. I am enthused about this new course of study, and will be leaning about how natural medicine is redefining psychiatry to make it actually work to bring changes in people’s lives. I have also been accepted to get my Master’s Degree in Neuroscience at King’s College in the UK. This program will be by distance learning however and starts next year. In the meantime I am going into hiding.

One CODE MEDICI table is an example of the coding I use to neutralize emotional, spiritual or physical illness by colour. It would be good to memorize so you can use it as needed.

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You can read the table for yourself. It is at the end of the book A Familiar Shore, which is available for free download. Click here for this offer.


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